Thursday, February 28, 2008

OK. So Hope is 11 months old. On Tuesday, Hope, Jackson and I went with my BFF Tara to our other BFF Jennifer's house. Can I just express how grateful I am to be able to hang out with these girls? It's a huge blessing to my heart! Anyway, Jennifer (who is the mother of 4 girls), couldn't believe that I was still feeding Hope jarred baby food. I've been slowly transitioning her to table food, but when Jenn cut up some grapes for Hopey (very small), and gave Hope a bite, my girl when nuts! Jennifer did NOT say this, but what my heart heard was, "You're baby-ing the baby. Give that girl some food!"

So. . that night, we went to Friendswood for supper with the family. Again, AMAZING that we can be spontaneous with our family. I called my mom at 3 to see if we could come, and at 6 we were sitting at their table--with Mel, Nathan, and Caden--eating my mom's yummy food. Anyway, I cut up chicken, green beans, bananas, and peaches for Hope--and she went NUTS! She loved it! I promise you she ate for 45 minutes--it was the best meal of her life! She clapped and signed for "more" again and again. . and again!  There's been no going back since then. .  . no more jars. My baby is growing up--so quickly!

Nathan and Caden hanging out. Caden is GROWING like a weed! He is adorable!
Wednesday is chapel day for M & J. Here they are in their chapel uniform dress. Too cute! Jackson has to wear blue slacks with a white oxford (tucked in) with belt. Maddie wears a plaid dress with white, peter pan-collared shirt.  Can I just say it again--GRATEFUL! 

Saturday, February 23, 2008


It is all about cartoons with Dad, and couch time on Saturdays. We
love it!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

We're Here!!!!

We are in Houston. . .we are doing well. . and we finally have Internet again. Yippee!! I've missed blog world.  So much has happened in a week, that I don't think I could type it all, but one thing I will say is that God is good.  He has been giving us grace upon grace to meet each day's challenges.

My Jackson started school at FBA on Wednesday and described it as "perfect"! He is so adventurous, friendly, and has jumped in full force. (I also started reading Dobson's Bringing Up Boys today! :)  )

My sweet Maddie started at FBA on Tuesday. She is hanging in there with courage and perseverance. I have been praying my heart out everyday for her as she encounters new experiences and people and expectations each day.  She is still suffering from the cold that has had so many of us down--so she doesn't feel her best in the middle of all these changes! Poor baby!  On Monday, they had a holiday, and our friend, Allison, organized a playdate for the second grade girls. What a huge blessing! She had about 8 familiar faces on Tuesday morning! Her teacher is sweet and kind, and she's settling in pretty well.  Academically, she's facing some challenges--they've already learned all the lower-case letters in cursive--and she'd only learned 4 of them! AND the homework is a bit overwhelming. . .but we are confident that He who has called us will provide everything we need! She finished the week strong and told me today that the girls like her! :) I'm so happy to hear her that her confidence is up and she's feeling accepted--and liked! Hallelujah!
I am so extremely proud of Stephen! I am in awe of the annointing and grace and wisdom and discernment and leadership that God is giving him moment by moment. He has worked so hard this week and is enjoyng some R&R this weekend. I love him so much and his absolutely biggest cheerleader. 
We had a near perfect Saturday today. . I got to sleep late--til 8:30--again, Hallelujah! Then the girls and I wend to get Madison a Brownie vest while Stephen took Jackson to get a haircut. Yes, Madison is joining the Brownies-the have their meetings on Monday--and she will be there in her cute brown vest!
After our errands, we met up at Memorial park and had a ball! The kids played and played. The weather was perfect, and it was one of those days made to be outside.  Here are some pics.

We are looking forward to our first Sunday at First tomorrow morning. We're going to be in "observation" mode--walking the halls and getting to talk to people. We are super excited. . .I better head off and get my beauty sleep!  Ha! Ha! Good night!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

The Boerne Supremacy

The Smith Band played in the coolest place on Texas again this
weekend. That would be Boerne, Texas. Thanks to Danny and Jason for a
great weekend! We are hurrying back to get Aric and John to Ascend.
(Stu not pictured because he was drove down from A town)

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Moving Day

is tomorrow!! Oh-my-goodness! I can't believe that it's here.  I have been sooo sick since last Wednesday--and finally today I'm somewhat better.  In other words, I had done NOTHING to prepare for our move since last Tuesday!!! I am so serious! I have been in bed every possible minute--in between FBC Grapevine's D-Now (Smith Band sang this weekend) and our last Sunday at FBCI. One word-brutal.  

Praise the Lord I felt better today.  I managed to pack A LOT.  Somehow I'll finish tomorrow--before 3 pm when we head out.

I'm feeling a little sentimental about saying goodbye to Boundbrook Lane and all it represents to me.  I have a thankful heart for all that the Lord has done in Irving.  Two hugely personal things come immediately to mind-Hope's birth and Madison's salvation. . . and much more than I can unpack right now.

So.. . tomorrow it's hello Houston! For now--I'll finish American Idol! :)

Monday, February 11, 2008


Star and I stood on the stage at First Irving yesterday for the last time as a staff member. A part of our hearts will always be there. That's what happens when you invest in something with all you have. You become a part of it and it becomes a part of you. The Lord accelerated our influence in the two years we have been a part of things in Irving. Under John Durham, we have created, constructed, and composed things that reach far beyond musical expression. We are thankful today and look forward to tomorrow. Realtor meeting today, packing tomorrow, driving on Wednesday. Surreal.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

String Music

The Smith Band is at First Baptist Church of Grapevine this weekend. Had a great first session last night. Jon Randles is the speaker and did an awesome job. We are excited about today. Star is not feeling so great, but God is good!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Thinking Inside the Box

Here is a quick pic of office items getting ready to be shipped out! Office stuff is out this week, house round 1 starts next week. Whew!

Monday, February 4, 2008

We saw the Hannah Montana Movie. .

and it was an experience! We had a crew of  10 with Madison, Jackson, Hope, and me; Jennifer, Hannah, and Caleb; Michelle, Logan, and Maison.  The show was in 3-D and really cool.  That Miley girl is something else. Jen and I agreed that we'll happily believe the Disney magic that she is as wholesome and sweet as she is cute and talented--at 14 years old!

So. . we get there, get everybody situated.  Jackson was kind of bored and wouldn't stay in his seat.  Hope was a wiggle-monster, and she literally wiggled on me the whole time.  We had baby food everywhere, cheerios all over the floor, and it was a complete mess.  Jackson broke his 3-D glasses, and I tried to juggle wearing his broken glasses while keeping Hope from ripping out my earring and disturbing everyone with crying! Yikes! At the end of the show, though, we were glad we went.  The kids loved it, and we made a memory!

High Fidelity

Friends, let me introduce you to the soundtrack of my life these past few weeks. I cannot get over this record. There is something really special about it. In just a few weeks, I have the words, the melodies, and the arrangements down! Jackson asked me the other night where I had heard the song "Your Name". I guess I have been unconsciously sharing it with the family. I can't stop singing these songs! Buy it here: iTunes store

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Riding Giants

In the power and excitement of Big Wave surfing, I've found a vibrant metaphor for my times with Christ. Although not a surfer, the passion that surrounds the sport has always been interesting to me. Recently I've tried to spell out what my heart knows about surfing and about worship. It goes like this: A worship-centered life is a delightfully dangerous ride on something that God controls, powers, and provides. Enjoy the ride.

Friday, February 1, 2008

The Land of The Lost

What is the deal??? Why do I like this show so much? Anyway, we've been hooked since the beginning and see no end in sight. Can't wait to see the "rescuers". I am also interested in the guy that came to see Hurley in the mental ward. Interesting.

Goodbyes and Hellos

I'm in the no-man's land of impending change.  The move is coming, coming.  It's painful saying good-bye to friends here.  It's exciting to look ahead to hello with friends and family there.  These are 2 symbols of change.. . .the good-bye of boxes (I've officially packed 5 boxes--3 to de-clutter our house for showing purposes and 2 for Houston) and the hello of some "welcome" roses from the staff wives at HFBC.  The flowers have certainly brightened my week. . I think I could get used to having a vase of fresh flowers all the time! :)  

Up Close and Personal