Thursday, March 29, 2007


We are so excited!! Our precious baby daughter is here!!! We want to share our joy with you, so click here on this link and go to Baby Hope's website that her Daddy made for her! And check back to the blog in the days to come to see a snapshot into Hope's world!!

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Fun with Jackson

Who knew that playing with a little boy could be so much fun? I sure didn't. . before Jackson came along. I have been enjoying time with Jackson these last few days--knowing that he'll have to "share" me really soon. We've been playing "Handy Manny"--where he is the fix-it man and I am Kelly, the hardware store owner (from a Disney Show). We've also spent a lot of time at the train table and outside. Today we played in the dirt pile--how do little boys just KNOW how to zoom cars, make roads, dig holes, and line up their collection of cars? This is a great mystery to me! I am FACINATED by watching him--it's in his DNA to be a boy. . and one day a man. (But I can't get too mushy today because I just might cry--way too many hormones in this body!!! :) ) He also gave his cars a bath and fed his elephant some mud (an invisible elephant, of course!). He is an absolute joy to be with and talk to (and he does talk non-stop!). Now he wants to play hide-and-seek. . . so I'm off!!! Enjoy these precious pictures of my boy!!!

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Fun in the MUD!!!

The spring break fun continued on Wednesday with. . . a mud bath! Madison and Jackson turned on the hose outside and made mud pies. Oh my goodness, what a mess--a wonderful, memorable mess! After this much fun, they took a bath (at 5:30), put on pajamas, then we loaded the Mini Couper with the top down and went to Sonic. So, all in all, it was a fun afternoon!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Birthday Pictures!

Birthday Party at Chili's
Hannah, Madison, and Annalise with their Build- a-Bears

Jackson enjoying dessert!

Good morning, Birthday girl!
Jackson likes his new toys from Mamama and Papa Joe AND his movies from MawMaw.
Train time!

Us at the zoo with a shaggy camel. ..

Jackson got a spider on his face!
The B-Day Girl chose a rainbow!

Madison Star Smith is 7 TODAY!!!

Well, it's here. The big day that she's been counting down to for months. . . .Madison is 7 years old. We had an awesome day together. We started with blueberry muffins and presents--super fun. Then we made it to the train station to catch the 9:07 train to the ZOO! This was our first train experience together, and Madison and Jackson BOTH thought it was awesome! We got to the zoo just as the exhibits were opening--it was perfectly un-crowded.

I thought an interview with Maddie would be fun. . . to chronicle her life at this moment:

Do you feel any different today?: Yes, I feel a lot different!
What is your favorite food?: chicken and rice
What is your favorite color?: blue
What is your favorite restaurant?: pizza places
What are your favorite things to do?: talk at the fence with Annalise, swing on the hammock with Daddy, take photographs, go to gymnastics
What collections do you have?: rocks, stuffed animals, friends, My Littlest Petshop toys
What do you want to be when you grow up?: geologist
What's the best part about being a kid?: don't have to change dirty diapers
What are the things you are looking forward to as a 7 year old?: riding a two wheeler, spending more time with Annalise on summer break, swimming under water, and doing back-flips by myself
What advise to you have for Jackson and Hope?: you have to look out for your brother and sister, stand up for others, stay away from boys (to Hope), everyone Ive met so far is nice, listen to mom and dad
Do you have any final thoughts?: I love this world that God made.

So. . .there you have it. in Madison's world!

Monday, March 12, 2007

It's Spring Break!!!!

WOW! This is exciting. Our first family blog! We've been wanting to set one up so that we can post pictures and video and stories of all the Smith happenings. . way up here in Irving! Now, with Baby Hope coming soon, we are doubly (triply???) motivated to get it going!

It's a big week around here for a couple of reasons. It is SPRING BREAK after all!!! We're goint to do a few fun things, but mostly stay close to home (for obvious reasons!).

Also, Madison's birthday is tomorrow! I can't believe that I have a (soon-to-be) 7 year old! It doesn't seem possible that 7 years ago today, on a sunny and beautiful Sunday afternoon, Stephen and I went to Planet Smoothie, and then we checked ourselves into the hospital. My mom, dad, and Melody came to keep us company through the evening, and we all just were so excited. There's nothing like the anticipation of the first baby! Now, here we are 7 years later! I can't imagine life without her!

I'm going to do my best to savor all these moments with our family as we currently know it. Lots of play time with Madison and Jackson this week. I'll let you know what happens. . .
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