Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Madison is a 2nd Grader!!!

I can't believe our little girl is a 2nd grader! We are so proud of her. She had a great 1st day in Mrs. Adamson's class, and we really think she's going to have a wonderful year. One cool thing. . several of her very best friends are in her class! Madison is a kind friend, a creative thinker, a gentle spirt. She is loyal, devoted, and funny! We love her and pray all kinds of blessings for her as she begins the year. . may she know Christ! and may she follow His path for her life!

Saturday, August 25, 2007


Jackson is ready for his first day at Kids Day Out!

The CARS backpack (and lunch box).

Too cool for school!

See me pulling him back for a hug. . he was barrelling on in!

Maddie and Hannah enjoyed their last "free" night of summer and spent the night together. This is a mansion for Polly Pocket that they constructed and painted with old fingernail polishes.

Super-Baby!! She is OFFICIALLY rolling. . and rolling. . and rolling. .


Looking at herself in the mirror.


After this photo shoot, she got a bit sleepy and just started to take her nap on her play mat. . she has to be the world's easiest, sweetest little baby!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Baby Otto

I just had to send a HELLO to the Jansens! (See blog link list to the left.) They just welcomed baby Otto Lee to the world, and he is so cute. Jeremy and Stephen have been friends since 1992, I've known Jeremy since 1994, and we all shared some good times at HBU. Lots of miles in the FOCUS van. :) Ah. . . memories. . .Anyway, we have just loved getting to know Candice and just think the world of this sweet family. . of four! Jeremy, Candice, and Ollie are loving on baby Otto! Jeremy is one of our favorite people in the world, and he is just hysterical! Their blog is new, and I think it's gonna be a funny read! We love you, Jansens!!!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The Most Exasperating Mall Trip of My Life. .

Hey, blogging friends. I feel so crummy. . I've gotten out of my blogging habit with all the summer travels. . maybe I'm back in the game. . .I totally need so blog-therapy (blogapy???) though, so here I am, and here's my story.

OK, so I sometimes like to think that I'm super-mom--can do it all--with grace and patience--but I was just about brought low with my mall experience yesterday. First of all, Madison's sweet friend was spending the day with us--which is absolutely fabulous because she's just precious and we love her. I think, hey, I can go to the mall with 4 children. . .I only have 2 returns to make, one stop at Payless for Madison shoes and then we'll eat lunch and play at the kiddie play area. . .super-easy. Well, I knew pretty quickly that things weren't going to go my way. In the parking lot Jackson started the "I've gotta go potty" song and dance, so I quickly gathered up the children ("quickly" being a relative term of course), we went in straight to the bathroom, but he hadn't completely been able to wait so we start our shopping with damp shorts. I pull off the wet underwear. . and we're off. I stop at the list of mall stores (it's a new mall to me) and realize they don't have a Children's Place (return #1--oh, well). We head next to Bath and Body where I want to make my second return--exchange, actually. As I'm looking on the shelf for the eye make-up remover I want, Jackson starts saying "Mommy, I've gotta go potty." I say--"We JUST went. You can hold it a few minutes." Well, he couldn't. We went teetee right there on the floor. Seriously. A puddle. On the floor. Luckily no one else is in the store, and Maddie and her friend dart off as if they're not with us. I apologize to the lady (who is very sweet and understanding), clean it up, get a credit voucher--because they do not have what I need!, and we head across the way to Gap kids to buy something for Jackson to wear. OK, so now I get him some jeans, but they're buy one get the 2nd 50% off, so I go ahead and get Madison some too. $35 bucks later, Jackson is dry and we head to the food court. As we're standing in line at Wendy's, Jackson starts the song and dance AGAIN!!! (Mommy, I gotta go potty!) So.. I order and then take all 4 children back to the restroom (Now, don't forget that I'm pushing the huge stroller and keeping track of all 4 children!). He goes-again-and we go eat our lunch. Next, we head to payless where I get Madison 2 pairs of shoes--but no Sunday shoes (oh, well-AGAIN). Well, by now it turns out that we're not going to have time to play, so I offer the kids a cookie instead. The girls are fine, but Jack-Jack is disappointed, but we do avoid a tantrum. Finally, we make it out to the car. . I'm hot and exhausted. . but thankfully, the kids are not grumping. . and as I cool down (literally and figuratively). . . I realize again that life with 3 (or 4) children is never boring!

So there it is--the Most Exasperating Mall Trip of My Life. Feel free to top it if you, too, have a "funny" mall story! Let's hear it! :)

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Hope update. .

Well, baby Hope is a little over 4 months old now. She's just growing and changing so fast. At her 4 month check-up on Friday, Dr. Conoley said she gets an "A+" and "the cutest-baby-of-the-day award". I couldn't agree more! :) She is a delight and a joy in everyway. Here are some pics from the weekend.

She is so easy! This is Saturday evening. She was just playing on her mat, and then drifted off for her evening cat-nap. She also sleeps until 8:30 most mornings!

Jackson was proud of Hope--it was her first cereal experience!

She played along. . I'm not sure if she liked the cereal or not, but she liked the attention!

Here eyes are getting so blue! (And her hair a bit patchy! :) ) She's just so precious!

Thursday, August 9, 2007

The Summer Fun Continues. .

The summer of 2007 will go down in Smith history as one of the most fun. We have traveled a lot (which I love), and we've had a lot of at-home fun, too. Last summer we were moving AND I was in the yucky stage of pregancy (which was doubly miserable for various reasons), so this summer is WAY better than last year. But in many ways, this has just been an awesome summer of wonderful times with friends and family. . and we still have a few weeks to soak it up! Here are the last few weeks in snapshots:
Madison and Hannah (squinting in the sun) the day Madison and I went to Waxahachie for lunch and shopping at the Dove's Nest with Hannah and Jennifer.
Princess Hope has spent much of her summer in the stroller or carseat. I think she looks a bit smushed, don't you? This is in Waxachie, too.

A self-portrait of Madison and Maison. Madison took her camera to church one morning (unbeknownst to me) and enjoyed taking LOTS of pictures! :)

Visiting with Grandmama (or GREATmama). She loves holding her name-sake, Marcy Hope
We are grateful for our friendship with the Matte's

We went on 2 great hikes during our Hill Country adventures. Stephen and the big kids found this stream and just waded right on in . .

Yes, we went to Schlitterbahn in New Braunfels. We went with my parents and sister and brother-in-law and had such a wonderful day. This is at lunch.
Look how cute baby Hope is in her teeny tiny bathing suit!
Jackson was so proud to be able to do waterslides on his own!
The family. .

The wacky Smith's

More pics to come another day. . .maybe a deep thought, too. . .