Thursday, September 11, 2008

Moving and Ike-ing

Well, looks like we chose Hurricane Ike's big weekend for our big move! Thankfully, Stephen and the moving crew got all of our stuff from the storage building to the new house today. . .and quite a bit of our condo stuff, too.

Instead of being at the new house unpacking (like I'm anxious to do, of course), we'll be spending the weekend at the condo riding out the storm.

The name of the game is holding plans loosely. . . God knows and He will strengthen us for today.

If you would, pray especially for my parents and grandmama. Grandmama's nursing home issued a mandatory evacuation (it's near NASA), and so she is now at my mom's house. The crazy thing is that my parents' house is also in a mandatory evacuation zone.  . and my grandmama is bed ridden and requires around the clock care.. . so pray for them, please. :)

OK. . that's the update! :) Thought I'd share. . .

Friday, September 5, 2008

First Day of School Pics and Baby News. .

Our two school kids! They were excited. . and both had great starts to the school year.

Aren't they cute??

This is a rare family pic from Labor Day at my parents' house. We celebrated my sister's and my dad's birthdays.

And in other news .. . .for my blogging friends who may not know already, our family will be growing. . . and she's a GIRL!!  We had an ultrasound today and got a clear shot! :) Praise the Lord!  We are excited and amazed at God's plans for our family.