Wednesday, April 25, 2007

April Update

Wow! So much has happened. . and not happened since my last post. Isn't it weird when you've been busy all day long, but you just can't think of anything news-worthy that you did? My friend Kristin Hill was perfectly timed in reminding me that being in your pajamas at noon and playing with a baby on the floor is a perfect season of life to remember that our perfect Father wants me to perfectly rely on Him!!! My world seems rather small and close-knit right now--though filled with the most important people in the world to me. I am (mostly) loving it--I AM somewhat of a home-body--for a while. . . This continues to be a very unique and stretching season of my life--filled with challenges and blessings. God is faithful to continue the refining process in me!!!

One HUGE blessing--a quick trip to Houston over the weekend!! I DO love being at home, but I DO love adventures, too--so to Houston I went with all three kids! We had an amazing time and I am so glad that I did it! Here are a few pictures. Enjoy!

4 Generations of "Marcy's"

Lee La holding her newest great-granddaughter

Monday, April 9, 2007

Happy Easter!!!

Easter has been precious around the Smith house! We have enjoyed watching "Miss Patty Cake Eggstravaganza" MANY times. . which is awesome! Jackson and Madison have been singing about the "Mighty Resurrection Day"! I love it!!! Jackson, especially, has awakened to the Easter story--he's learned that "The tune (that's how he says it) is empty! He is alive!!".

The Easter bunny visited us on Saturday morning (We asked him 7 years ago to do that so that Stephen could be a part of the fun--since he has to be at church so early on Sunday.). Right as we started to dig into the baskets, Madison looked out the window and yelled, "It's SNOWING!!!" And. . it was!!! We could hardly believe it!! At 10:00, Stephen took the big kids to church for an Easter egg hunt--outside in the cold!!! Mawmaw (Stephen's mom) came it to see us on Saturday afternoon, and we enjoyed celebrating Easter with her!!!

Now, I must say my children looked ADORABLE on Easter morning!!! They are so cute! Thank you to my mom for supplying the Easter finery! I could just eat them all up!

Enjoy the pictures! More posts about baby Hope's absolute precious-ness to come!

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Today is Stephen's Birthday!!

Wow!!! Today is ANOTHER special day in the life of the Smith family!! Stephen turns 33 today. Amazing. We had an awesome day--celebrating with food all day long!! We started with a birthday breakfast with the family, and then for lunch, Stephen, Hope, and I went to Brio in Southlake for a DELICIOUS lunch! I wanted to lick the bowl after eating my lobster bisque. YUMMY! Then, this afternoon, our B-day cake was ready, but supper wasn't quite done and it was time for Stephen to head to church, so. . .. we ate cake and ice cream for supper!!! (Then ate our tetrezinni later. :)) We had a dinosaur-themed party--those are little dinosaurs on their heads in the last picture! It was a great day! Happy Birthday to the most awesome husband in the world!