Saturday, December 22, 2007

NEW song from Madison and Hannah

While hanging out today, Madison and Hannah wrote a brand new song. Enjoy the latest hit single from the duo that calls themselves the Jesus Freaks. Here it is..."Who's That Boy?"

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Carols and Candlelight 2007

These are pics from Sunday night's Carols and Candlelight service--our church's very elegant, choir and orchestra, candlelight service. It really was a beautiful night.  It was a landmark night for me personally because I WORE A CHOIR ROBE!!! This was my very first time to wear a choir robe and sing in and ADULT CHURCH CHOIR!!! I must say that I enjoyed it (the singing, not the robe) very much.  Standing next to Janell made it fun! Stephen did a wonderful job emcee-ing (is that a word? probably not!).  Take note of just how gorgeous the sanctuary looks with  all the Christmas decorations up.  Last year my precious friend, Tara, came up from Houston to help the girls and me arrange all the tree toppers, wreaths, swags, and garlands.  It looked stunningly beautiful again this year with the poinsettias and lights. 

Monday, December 17, 2007

Medieval Christmas at our church

Amazing song from an amazing night. Kemper Crabb and band do "Down in Yon Forest" on Dec. 9th.

What a weekend!

Wow! So much happened over the weekend! Maw-Maw (Stephen's mom) came to Irving Friday night (in all that terrible rain!). We were so happy to see her.  On Saturday, my parents came into town. . more hugs and kisses. I made Olive Garden's Pasta Fagoli Soup for supper, and I'll just tell you--it was yummy!

Then. . on Sunday morning. . .the reason our sweet family came to town. . 

Madison was baptized by Pastor John. What a thrill! She had such a sweetness about her--she was so excited and honored by all the people who stood in support of her decision and her witness.  An incredible moment. . beyond words that I can form. . . 

Stuart (Stephen's brother) and his precious wife, Nicole, were there to celebrate with Madison. . .and we just can't pass up an opportunity to play with Stuart. He is one incredible guitar player!! As is my handsome husband! He just is made to be playing that guitar. . I think he was looking EXTRA cute!

Then we came home and had a celebration lunch (pot roast with carrots and potatoes). . also incredibly yummy!!!

Here are a few pics of the kids in their Christmas get-up.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

The Caden Report . .

I haven't given an update on my nephew Caden lately, and some of you may be wondering how that precious boy is doing. My sister just gave the latest report on her blog, and if you'd like to see it, hop on over to

It's worth zipping over to see a picture of his adorable little face!

Monday, December 3, 2007

Maddie as Mary

Look at my sweet Madison! She was Mary in our church's Family Christmas program last night. Our High 5 Choir (elementary choir) sang several songs and created a manger scene. Maddie was escatic on Wednesday night when she found out that she would get to be Mary. . . and she did a wonderful job. Here's another picture.

Also, in another performance, the Durham's came over Friday night for smores and fun, and the kids put on a little play. . .

Lots of fun! What an adventure to be 7 1/2. What an adventure to be the mom of a 7 1/2 year old!

Our weekend was full with a quick trip to lead worship at Faithbridge UMC in northwest Houston. It was a great morning, and as a wonderful bonus, we got to spend Saturday night with our precious friends, the Hills. I could go on and on about what a great time we had. . .it was so refreshing to spend time with them!

So.. . busy weekend. . full and wonderful!