Friday, February 20, 2009

Baby World

Friday is a great day in baby world. Star is officially off the crazy meds that had her flying yesterday. She enjoyed a great day of recuperation and rest. She even squeezed in some Wheel last night. (I, however, enjoyed Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull with Jackson last night.) Okay, back to baby. Avonlea Jane is the picture of a healthy baby. All functions are normal and she has a healthy appetite. We have enjoyed the help of the nursery here at Memorial City. It is surreal to be back on the same floor we were on with Madison 9 years ago! We even recognize some of the staff.

I took the kids to school this morning and got to the hospital around 9:15 or so. Star and I enjoyed some good awake time with Avi. Marcy ( Mom-in-Law) brought Hope to visit this morning. She (Hope) will be on the learning curve in the weeks to come with new baby sis. She is so intense about getting to hold her. 2 year olds are "handsy"! Dean-na (our good friend and Stephen's co-worker) has Hope for a bit this afternoon. Everyone is happy!

Will check back later.


Kristen said...

She's adorable! Congratulations!

Tabaitha Kaye said...

I agree, she is beautiful. Congratulations!

Smith Family said...

She is just precious... what a doll! Congratulations Smith Clan on the newest addition. We sure miss you guys. All our love and prayers your way.
~The Smiths